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Friday, May 13, 2011

PAS Can Only Make It With DAP's Support

By : Hyder Yutim - Malaysian Digest

In politics, the players sometimes make undesirable partnerships though there's no guarantee that it would be a lifelong commitment. They will stick by your side when you triumph but will drop you in a heartbeat once you've messed up big time. However, partnerships and alliances can be powerful if the motive, cause and ideologies are similar and, of course, there is must be cohesiveness in the coalition.

The 'Unholy' Matrimony

 The alliance between Democratic Action Party (DAP) and The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) would have been thought of as far-fetched not too long ago.

It would not have happened without Anwar Ibrahim and his PKR. Regardless of our personal views on Anwar we have to hand it to him for being able to convince these two opposition parties with arguably opposing ideologies and beliefs to put their differences aside for the sake of that extra political mileage.

So, going by the 'united we stand, divided we fall' adage, Pakatan Rakyat was formed after the 2001 political tsunami. For the first time in Malaysian history, there's an opposition coalition and this has changed the whole political landscape.

PAS positions itself as a political party that aims to establish Malaysia as a country based on Islamic legal theory derived from the primary sources of Islam: the Quran, Sunnah as well as Hadiths. PAS holds the view that establishing an Islamic state would benefit not only Muslims but also non-Muslims in the country.

The party enjoys strong support from the northern rural areas and conservative states in the peninsular such as Kelantan and Terengganu.

It is also the first opposition party in independent Malaysia's history to defeat the Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition in a Malay dominated state.

You can't deny that PAS have an impressive history. The party's most recent breakthrough was when it claimed three (including Perak) out of five states that fell into the opposition's hands, outperforming the other parties, opposition and BN alike, in the historical March 2008 'tsunami'. Incidentally, PAS was part of BN (alongside Umno) back in 1973 to 1978 during Asri Muda's time.

The DAP meanwhile have grown in popularity in recent times as we can see from the results of the last general election, the Sibu by-election and the more recent Sarawak state election.

The Chinese-majority party had contested in 10 general elections from 1969 to 2008. DAP members believe that they are socialists (perhaps they were in their early days) fighting for equality. So far, the party has been the most aggressive in their media campaigns compared to the other parties, be it Pakatan or BN.

Believe me, if you work in Editorial you'd know that, among all the parties, DAP issues the most media statements.

We have to seriously think and look into the 'unholy' alliance between PAS and DAP – two parties with diametrically opposite principles and beliefs. Apart from the peculiar pact between these two parties, another question is who is the leader of the Pakatan pack? Since the Pakatan deal was signed, has PAS been supporting DAP more or is it the other way round?

The Rebranding of PAS

For the most part of PAS' history, the party has only targeted the Malay-Muslim supporters.

However since the 2004 election, there is clear indication that PAS have been trying to reach out to non-Muslim Malaysians. In order to make the non-Muslims more receptive to the Islamist party, they went through a rebranding exercise and started to portray themselves as a more moderate and progressive outfit. We started seeing fresh personalities by the likes of Khalid Samad (Shah Alam MP), Nizar Jamaluddin (former Perak MB) and Husam Musa (PAS vice-president) in the frontlines.

And these leaders were successful in getting the respect from the non-Malays because of their modern Muslim approach.

The party even fielded an Indian woman in a Johor constituency in the last general election.

Also, during the months leading up to the 2008 elections, PAS had rarely mentioned about the setting up of an Islamic state, which has been one of the party's main objectives throughout its history.

DAP's Success in Sarawak

PKR leaders described its gain of two seats from winning of three out of 49 seats in Sarawak as "historic" and a step towards a two-party system in the state.

Meanwhile, PAS fared badly at making inroads in Sarawak after losing all the five seats it contested for with some candidates losing their deposits. It was the DAP which stole the limelight with their 12 out of 15 seats win – the biggest gain of the day with six additional seats in their name.

This was PAS' analogy to justify losing all five seats in the Sarawak State Election: In 2000 they sowed the seeds, in 2006 the seeds germinated, in 2011 the tree had produced flowers and, in the next state election, it will bear fruit.

Getting the confidence Sarawakian voters has always been an arduous task for PAS. Winning at least one seat in the state would be enough to lend credence to their analogy.

Unlike in the peninsular, with DAP having the upper hand in Sarawak, PKR and PAS machineries had to get a piggyback ride from the DAP machinery during the state election. Meanwhile, in the peninsular, PAS' would be the one providing their support to the DAP and the PKR.

For PAS to make inroads in Sarawak it would require some sacrifice from the DAP. For the greater good of Pakatan DAP must allow PAS to contest in Chinese-dominated seats in the next state election and maybe in the next general election.

Moreover, PAS was willing to forsake its values by forging an 'unholy' alliance with the DAP. If PAS can take care of the interests of the DAP in the peninsular at the expense of its image and reputaion, why not the DAP reciprocate in Sarawak for the sake of the Opposition in the PAS-PKR-DAP political alliance? I think that would be the only way for PAS to 'sow their seeds' in Sarawak.

*The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the write*
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

'Pandi Kutty' Carian Popular Google? - Tenggelam Sudah Isu Video Seks

Gara-gara tindakan Anwar Ibrahim melabelkan YAB Perdana Menteri Najib Tun Razak sebagai 'pandi kutty' yang bermaksud 'anak babi' carian google dibuat atas perkataan 'pandi kutti' ianya memaparkan gambar PM Najib Tun Razak.

Kita kenal Anwar Ibrahim cukup bijak untuk mengalih sesuatu isu, gelaran ini sedikit sebanyak telah menenggelamkan isu video seks yang menghantui dirinya ketika ini. Pendek kata Anwar Ibrahim boleh menarik nafas lega sekejap kerana rakyat sibuk mencari maksud 'pandi kutty'.

Akan tetapi macam biasa jika sesuatu isu yang melibatkan dirinya diperkatakan oleh majoriti rakyat Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim 'Raja Spin' sepantas kilat cuba untuk menutup semula sesuatu isu dengan mengatakan dirinya difitnah. SINI 

Ramai beranggapan Anwar Ibrahim begitu biadap kerana melabelkan YAB Perdana Menteri Najib Tun Razak dengan gelaran yang kesat, jadi untuk menyelamatkan tengkuk sendiri, Anwar Ibrahim segera timbulkan lagi isu untuk menutup isu 'pandi kutty'.

Apa isu yang direkayasa oleh Bro Anwar Bin Ibrahim a.k.a (BABI) untuk menutup isu 'pandi kutty'?

Anwar Ibrahim dlihat mencipta isu khayalan iaitu percubaan untuk membunuhnya melalui usaha sebotaj kereta beliau sehingga menyebabkan kemalangan pada 19 April. Ada yang kata kereta beliau dilanggar basikal je.. betul ke?

Jadi untuk menyedapkan lagi jalan cerita ala-ala filem tamil Anwar Ibrahim pemandu kepada Anwar Ibrahim iaitu brader Abdullah Sani membuat satu laporan di Balai Polis Merchant Square Petaling Jaya petang tadi. Saya tidak pasti adakah brader Abdullah Sani senasib dengan Azizan Abu Bakar maklumlah sudah 28 tahun berkhidmat.

Tidak cukup pemandu beliau digunakan untuk timbus isu 'pandu kutty' Anwar Ibrahim menggunakan lembu pendek beliau iaitu Ketua AMK Shamsul Iskandar atau nama sebenarnya Sam Kementot untuk menimbulkan satu presepsi buruk ke atas BN di laman twitternya dengan menulis bahawa perbuatan sebotaj kereta ini dilakukan oleh agen BN.

Blogger Nasionalis1982 melabelkan Sam Kontot sebagai Detektif Conan SINI Kah..Kah..Kah..

Gara-gara dua isu ini dimainkan Anwar Ibrahim, saya melihat isu video seks yang dikatakan melibatkan Anwar Ibrahim (memang dia pun) sudah tenggelam sekejap.

Kesimpulannya macam selalu saya cakap, Anwar Ibrahim memang pakar 'spin'. Timbul satu isu segera beliau reka isu baru untuk mengaburi mata rakyat Malaysia.

Double Y : Kereta dilanggar basikal pun cakap kena sebotaj.. Nak claim insuran lebih ke Bro Anwar Bin Ibahim?

Umum : Kuarters Berhantu?

Dari Berita Harian Online :

KUALA LUMPUR: Kira-kira 3,000 unit kuarters guru, khususnya di luar bandar di seluruh negara dikatakan terbiar begitu saja kerana tidak didiami oleh guru yang bertugas di kawasan berkenaan atas pelbagai faktor termasuk lokasinya yang tidak sesuai dan tidak diselenggara dengan sempurna.

Ada sesetengahnya semakin usang kerana tidak didiami dan kelihatan umpama 'rumah berhantu' jika dilihat dari luar. Ramai guru dikatakan enggan mendiami kuarters berkenaan kerana lokasinya yang terletak di luar bandar, jauh dari kemudahan awam dan sunyi.

Double Y : Tidak diselenggara dengan baik, jauh dari kemudahan awam serta sunyi. Tak tinjau dulu ke sebelum bina? Main pacak je..

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Guan Eng's Malay Dilemma

By : Haider Yutim - Malaysian Digest   

Is it true that everything revolves around Malays? Malay sovereignty is not the case here. We are not to talk about sovereignty or proliferation. We're talking about the Malay community in Penang that's been lacking in TLC (tender loving care) from the state government.

What happened to Lim Guan Eng? Why all of the sudden there are numerous complaints about him? Why have there been unruly protests against the state government by the Malay Penangites?

Who is at fault here? What have the DAP-ruled state government done to upset the Malay traders in Penang? Have the power of being a Chief Minister gotten to Lim's head that he can't be bothered about certain minorities in the state?

 Black Heart Cake Incident

The Penang Malays were sending signals to their chief minister. One of the most memorable gestures was the 'token of disappreciation' in a form of a black-heart cake that was especially sent to Lim on his birthday by a group of Malay traders.

Maybe their intention was to make their chief minister well aware about the fact that Penang is a melting pot of different races. There are Malays, Indian-Muslims or affectionately called as 'Mamaks' as well as Chinese who speaks in a variety of dialects.

The NGOs in Penang are also concerned about this issue and they have been voicing out on behalf of the Penangites who felt that they have not been receiving a fair treatment.

Undeniably, presenting a black-heart cake on Lim's birthday was not a very good deed, but for the senders, it was a perfect timing to symbolically give Lim a subtle nudge that there are other 'minorities' that make up Penang.

Malay Traders Issue

So what is it about mamaks and Malays that annoy Lim Junior so much? Why do these two Muslim communities feel that they are being sidelined by their chief minister? The situation remains unresolved and, since, there has been a recent spate of attacks spearheaded by the Penang Malay Chambers of Commerce, which accused the DAP-led Pakatan government of having the tendency of penalizing Malay small traders.

Rewind back to fasting month last year, there were news of the Penang administration preventing Malay traders from setting up Ramadan stalls.

The incident caught the attention of Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who was concerned enough and question why the Penang government treated the Malay traders unfairly.

A forum was held to address the dispute and three groups – the Penang Malay Chambers of Commerce, Federation of Peninsular Malaysia Students Associations (GPMS) and Umno – had organised a rowdy demonstration which saw the burning of Lim's effigy.

I doubt that anybody wants such ruckus in Penang. Penang is supposed to be the Pearl of Orient and, as the state's leader, it is Lim's job to polish the blemished pearl so that it shines brightly under the torch of his leadership. Instead, Lim chose to made decisions that marginalizes these traders.

I hope Lim comes to his senses and do what's right and practice democracy we often hear being preached by DAP.

*The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the writer.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Kristian Agama Rasmi Malaysia - Cabar Pemimpin DAP Buat Ikrar Depan Rakyat!!

Gambar Malaysiakini

Bahang kepanasan situasi politik di Malaysia semakin hari dilihat semakin panas, bermula dari isu Liwat II, zina dalam keretapi, isu video seks Anwar dan yang terbaru yang dilihat agak sensitif untuk dibicarakan, adalah isu di mana dikatakan beberapa Ahli Parlimen DAP berikrar untuk menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi di Malaysia.

Isu yang didedahkan oleh blogger BigDogDotCom dan Marahku itu mendapat liputan meluas oleh akhbar dan berita televisyen tempatan. Malah ia juga mendapat reaksi dari para menteri kabinet. Manakala akhbar rujukan orang Melayu iaitu Utusan Malaysia memilih untuk memaparkan isu ini di muka hadapan

Malaysia memang negara berbilang kaum, agama serta fahaman. Namun harus ditegaskan bahawa agama Islam merupakan agama rasmi Persekutuan dan majoriti penduduknya beragama Islam.

Isu merampas kedudukan agama Islam bagi saya bukan isu baru, ianya pernah kita dengar di mana wujudnya satu gerakan oleh agama lain untuk merampas kedudukan agama rasmi persekutuan. Di mana pihak ini didakwa memperjuangkan 14 tuntutan.

Antara tuntutan gerakan ini adalah untuk mengkategorikan golongan di bawah 18 tahun sebagai 'golongan tidak beragama' dan mereka hanya boleh memilih agama sehingga sampai usia tersebut.

Dan hal ini diakui sendiri oleh MP Kulim Bandar Baru YB Zul Nordin.

Malah kita juga ada dengar bahawa paderi-paderi Melayu dari Singapura yang masuk ke Malaysia dan cuba untuk menyebarkan fahaman agama mereka kepada orang Melayu di sini, namun kesemua dakwaan ini sehingga ke hari ini masih belum dibuktikan kesahihannya.

Namun dakwaan yang dibuat dua blogger kali ini dilihat serius kerana ianya melibatkan perjumpaan sekumpulan manusia di Pulau Pinang yang mana turut disertai oleh MP DAP Jelutong Jeff Oii yang dikatakan membentuk bulatan dan memegang tangan satu sama lain sambil berikrar untuk menjadikan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi Malaysia kelak.

Malah untuk menyokong dakwaan mereka, blogger ini turut memaparkan sekeping gambar yang dikatakan dirakam dalam pertemuan terbabit.

Jeff Oii ini gambar apa celita tailoo..?

Tapi hari ini MP DAP si Jeff Oii yang dikatakan terlibat dalam pertemuan sulit tersebut dikatakan membuat satu laporan polis ke atas akhbar Utusan Malaysia dan dua blogger yang mendedahkan isu ini. 

Ok.. kita setuju dengan tindakan Jeff Oii kerana itu hak dia sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Jeff Oii menggesa tiga pihak ini supaya memohon maaf kepada beliau dalam tempoh 24 jam SINI

Bagi saya Jeff Oii tidak perlu gelabah sangat, walaupun isu ini didakwa untuk menimbulkan sentimen anti-cina di kalangan orang Melayu ianya mesti disiasat dengan teliti oleh pihak bertanggungjawab dan blogger yang terbabit hendaklah tampil memberikan maklumat untuk memudahkan proses penyiasatan tersebut.

Dan kalau maklumat ini tidak benar dan dua blogger ini dilihat cuba untuk menghasut pihak berkuasa dakwalah blogger terbabit, Jeff Oii tidak perlu gusar serta gelabah.

Akan tetapi sebelum menunggu proses siasatan ini dijalankan yang mungkin memakan masa yang agak lama walaupun Perkasa bagi tempoh 2 minggu kepada Kementerian Dalam Negeri untuk menyiasat, saya percaya ianya akan mengambil masa yang lebih dari itu.

Jadi untuk meredakan emosi orang Islam yang dilihat semakin terjejas, saya CABAR setiap pimpinan DAP menjemput semua akhbar-akhbar serta stesen televisyen dan buat satu sidang media terbuka. Di mana dalam sidang media tersebut setiap pemimpin  DAP BERIKRAR untuk MEMPERTAHANKAN ISLAM sebagai agama rasmi persekutuan.

Dan DAP juga akan terus MEMARTABATKAN AGAMA ISLAM di Malaysia andai kata parti komunis ini menjadi kerajaan kelak. So  Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok, Lim Guan Eng, Jeff Oii dan kroni mereka dalam parti DAP..


Double Y :  cuba untuk tidak 'melatah' dalam isu ini sebab hormat kawan-kawan yang beragama Kristian.

10 Fakta Penting Tentang MyEmails - Sebarkan

Ramai antara kita masih samar-samar malah ada yang masih tidak faham mengenai myemails yang diumumkan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri baru-baru ini.

Ini merupakan 10 fakta penting mengenai myemails, harap berguna untuk disebarkan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

1. MyEmail adalah sebahagian dari program E-Kerajaan

• E-Kerajaan adalah penggunaan teknologi bagi meningkatkan keberkesanan perolehan perkhidmatan kerajaan kepada rakyat jelata dan syarikat-syarikat
perniagaan dari segala sudut.

• Ia mempunyai tiga pendekatan strategik:

Perkhidmatan E-Kaunter

* Menuju pendekatan ‘tiada bersemuka”: 90% dari semua urusan melalui internet, manakala 10% yang selebihnya melalui borang elektronik

* Didapati melalui semua peralatan (kiosk, komputer dan telefon bimbit) di semua kawasan melalui semua saluran Kerajaan Sifar-kertas

* Menggantikan penggunaan kertas dengan simpanan digital

* Pengurangan penggunaan kertas secara berperingkat – minit-minit mesyuarat,
persembahan dan memorandum

Akaun MyEmail

* Selamat dengan menggunakan satu saluran perhubungan bagi semua perkhidmatan E-Kerajaan

* Perkhidmatan tambahan e.g. pembayaran bil melalui internet, pencarian rekod dsb.

2. MyEmail adalah mudah dan selamat

• Ia memerlukan pengesahan bio-metrik (cap jari) dengan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara apabila digunakan buat kali pertama, samada melalui kaunter ataupun di rumah dengan menggunakan pengimbas cap jari USB yang boleh dibeli, bersama nama dan nombor MyKad.

• Semua maklumat peribadi seperti nombor MyKad disimpan secara selamat oleh Tricubes Berhad, sementara perkhidmatan e-mel menggunakan prasarana “awan” yang disediakan oleh Microsoft

• Penyulitan (encryption) SSL menjamin keselamatan maklumat semasa penghantaran; ciri-ciri keselamatan tambahan juga boleh didapati dengan penggunaan bio-metrik untuk penyulitan kandungan

• Hanya satu “Log-in” untuk menggunakan e-mel dan semua perkhidmatan tambahan berbanding pendaftaran dan pengesahan berulang-kali,
pelepasan maklumat yang berkali-kali dan penggunaan nama-nama dan kata laluan yang berlainan melalui serambi yang berbeza

3. MyEmail dibiayai oleh sektor swasta

• Tricubes akan mengeluarkan belanja sebanyak RM50 juta selang 10 tahun yang akan datang

• Tricubes bertanggungjawab sepenuhnya mendapatkan pelaburan yang diperlukan, iaitu sebanyak RM5.3 juta bagi peringkat permulaan, dan RM50 juta secara keseluruhan, samada melalui pegangan saham ataupun pinjaman, dan akan menanggung segala risiko kerugian dengan sepenuhnya.

4. MyEmail akan menjimatkan wang rakyat

• Simulasi ke atas empat agensi menunjukkan kerajaanakan berupaya menjimatkan sekurang-kurangnyaRM200 juta untuk 10 tahun yang akan datang.

• Kos menghantar setiap e-mel tidak akan melebihi 50 sen, berbanding purata RM1.00 bagi setiap urusan surat-menyurat

• Walaupun penghantaran sesuatu e-mel itu sendiri percuma, 50 sen itu adalah kos bagi perolehan bil digital itu sendiri (seperti pengeluaran, perubahan serta pemprosesan maklumat); ini tidak di ambil kira dalam penghantaran e-mel percuma oleh pembekal lain

5. MyEmail bukanlah pemberian konsesi kepada Tricubes

• Tricubes perlu memasar dan meyakinkan setiap agensi kerajaan dan badan swasta untuk menggunakan perkhidmatannya

• Tiada satu pun agensi kerajaan yang diharuskan menggunakan perkhidmatan MyEmail, mahupun memberikan kontrak jangka panjang kepada Tricubes

• Sebarang perbincangan mengenai kontrak akan berlandaskan lunas-lunas pasaran yang terbuka

6. Perkhidmatan seperti MyEmail ini tidak terhad kepada syarikat Tricubes

• Setiap agensi kerajaan dibenarkan menggunakan sebarang pembekal perkhidmatan serupa dengannya, baik sekarang mahupun di masa hadapan

7. Penggunaan MyEmail adalah secara sukarela dan didorong permintaan pasaran

• Orang ramai akan memutuskan samada akan menggunakan perkhidmatan MyEmail atau tidak

• Penerimaan rakyat mestilah berdasarkan keutuhan dan kebolehan perkhidmatan MyEmail itu sendiri

8. Pemilihan Tricubes telus dan berdaya saing

• Lima cadangan untuk projek MyEmail telah diterima seterusnya diteliti oleh pasukan yang terdiri dari ahli dari MAMPU serta GITN

• Syarat pemilihan adalah berdasarkan penggunaan teknologi yang terkini, model perniagaan lestari, latar belakang syarikat serta ciri-ciri keselamatan

• MAMPU dan GITN mendapati Tricubes menepati malah adakala melebihi syarat-syarat tersebut

9. MyEmail bukan untuk digunakan bagi penyebaran propaganda

• MyEmail adalah saluran digital yang selamat bagi perhubungan dan sebarang perkhidmatan elektronik antara kerajaan, rakyat dan syarikat-syarikat

• Ia dibiayai sepenuhnya oleh pihak swasta, oleh itu ia juga boleh digunakan oleh sebarang badan kerajaan pusat, negeri mahupun daerah tidak kira pihak politik
mana yang disokong

10. MyEmail juga bukanlah sesuatu yang baru

• Perkhidmatan yang serupa bergelar “OneInBox” juga akan dilancarkan di Singapura pada tahun 2012.

• Menurut turutan fakta yang disediakan oleh Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, OneInBox akan membolehkan setiap orang perseorangan dan
perniagaan menerima utusan dari agensi kerajaan melalui satu saluran yang selamat melalui portal eCitizen dan SingPass mereka

• OneInBox ini juga diaju mampu menjimatkan kos perhubungan agensi kerajaan dengan mengurangkan urusan surat-menyurat yang menggunakan kertas.

Double Y : Perlu atau tidak myemails untuk rakyat Malaysia.. komen anda?

Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man - Bagaimana Kalau Laporan Bloggers Benar?

Dah lama tak menulis, hari ini sempat belek-belek portal Malaysiakini yang selalu memusing setiap isu supaya ianya memihak kepada PR.

Dalam membaca beberapa isu yang hangat diperkatakan, terbaca kenyataan Naib Presiden PAS Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man yang tempoh hari dikhabarkan takut untuk meletakkan diri sebagai calon di Kerdau kerana dah tahu akan kalah. Kah Kah Kah!

Kali ini Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man, mendesak pihak berkuasa untuk bertindak ke atas dakwaan yang dibuat dua blogger baru-baru ini berhubung Kristian agama rasmi di Malaysia.

Asas yang dikemukakan oleh Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man adalah maklumat dua bloggers terbabit berdasarkan satu gambar kabur. Betul kata Tuan Ibrahim bahawa laporan itu tidak logik kerana hendak menggubal sebarang dasar hendaklah mendapat majoriti ahli parlimen.

Jadi tidak mungkin PAS dengan PKR akan bersetuju jika DAP hendak gubalkan Kristian sebagai agama rasmi. Kan... Kan.. Kan..

Tapi Bro Tuan Ibrahim, saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia sebenarnya tak yakin bahawa PAS atau PKR mampu menghalang DAP untuk meneruskan sebarang agenda, kerana dalam Perlembagaan PAS sendiri tidak menyebut agenda untuk menubuhkan negara Islam. Ini bukan saya kata, si Nizar Lambai yang kata mungkin Bro Tuan Ibrahim lupa jadi saya tepek video satu :

Kalau orang PAS sendiri yang kata bahawa, tiada sebarang penubuhan negara Islam. Perlukah saya yakin bahawa PAS tidak akan turut telunjuk DAP jika DAP hendak jadikan Kristian agama rasmi Malaysia?

Itu satu hal, wahai Bro Tuan Ibrahim bagaimana pula kalau dakwaan yang dibuat oleh dua bloggers ini adalah benar? Adakah PAS tetap berdiam diri tanpa menyatakan sebarang pendirian terhadap gerakan yang cuba digerakkan oleh MP DAP terbabit?

Yang mana lebih bagus wahai Bro Tuan Ibrahim, kita biarkan polis siasat dan jika dakwaan itu tidak benar. Bloggers terbabit dakwa sahaja di bawah Akta Hasutan (walaupun akta ini kerap diminta dimansuhkan oleh PR).

Itu satu isu, isu kedua Bro Tuan Ibrahim minta KDN tarik balik permit Utusan kononnya laporan akhbar terbabit melampau? Akhbar cina bagaimana pula wahai Bro Tuan Ibrahim? Ada baca akhbar cina tak? 

Bro Tuan Ibrahim, akhbar Utusan Melayu tidak melampau dalam melaporkan beritanya, kerana setakat ini tiada lagi Utusan menarik balik artikel walaupun kerap disaman berjuta-juta.

Berbeza dengan Harakah yang tarik balik artikel selepas ianya dibaca oleh beribu pembaca di Malaysia. Jadi di antara Utusan dengan Harakah kredibiliti Utusan jauh lebih tinggi daripada Harakah tahu tak? Saya sendiri pernah tulis pasal kredibiliti Harakah di SINI

Jadi usahlah meroyan supaya permit Utusan ditarik balik, sepatutnya kamu bersyukur kerana Harakah yang mempunyai permit terhad yang sepatutnya diedarkan kepada ahli sekarang ini dilihat dijual berleluasa tanpa sebarang tindakan.

Double Y :Kalau dakwaan bloggers benar, Bro Tuan Ibrahim masuk UMNO mau? Polis siasat pun belum habis usah banyak cakaplah!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ringkasan Dari Rumah Tengku Adnan

Saya bersama beberapa rakan blogger Panglima Perang Cyber sempat mengunjungi dan melawat rumah Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor yang terbakar awal pagi semalam.

Rumah Tengku Adnan hangus teruk di bahagian utamanya, yang terselamat hanyalah bahagian rumah tetamu yang terletak di bahagian bawah.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kakitangan MPKB - BRI Terlibat Dalam Pemalsuan Kad Kredit.

Kalau dah bapak pun makan duit rakyat, inikan pula anaknya. Pepatah lama ada mengatakan ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tidak ke nasi.

Begitulah juga situasi keadaan di negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang, Kelantan Darulnaim. Terkini pihak Kelate.net mendedahkan bahawa ada kakitangan MPKB-BRI terlibat dalam pemalsuan kad kredit.

Laporan yang dibuat lebih setahun yang lalu oleh seorang pengadu mendakwa bahawa kad kredit beliau digunakan untuk melakukan pembayaran cukai kepada MPKB-BRI.

Ini bukti Kelantan juga tidak bebas dari rasuah walaupun diperintah PAS, baca petikkan daripada kelatekito.net :

KOTA BHARU - Kalau dah rasuah tetap rasuah juga hasil didikan kerajaan Pas Kelantan bertema membangun bersama Islam.
Kalau bapanya makan duit ladang rakyat melalui rampas tanah, anak pun ikut sekali belajar makan duit rakyat.
Terbaru www.kelatekito.net mendedahkan
Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersil Kelantan akan menjalankan siasatan berhubung laporan pemalsuan kad kredit dipercayai melibatkan kakitangan Majlis Perbandaran Kota Baharu Banda Raya Islam (MPKB-BRI) dalam pembayaran cukai bandar.
Pemangku Ketua Jabatan itu, DSP Nazely Mohd Said berkata beliau sendiri akan meneliti laporan polis yang telah dibuat setahun lalu berhubung dakwaan seorang pemilik kad kredit telah kehilangan kad kreditnya setahun lalu setelah membuat pembayaran cukai bandar kepada MPKB-BRI.

"Kita siasat pelbagai aspek kerana dalam tempoh setahun tiada sebarang tindakan diambil," katanya semasa sesi dialog Majlis Penerangan Keselamatan Jenayah dan Dadah anjuran Yayasan Pencegahan Jenayah Kelantan di sini, pada 26 April lalu.
Turut hadir dalam sesi itu,  Timbalan Ketua Polis Kelantan Datuk Mazlan Lazim, Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Narkotik Supt Md Azmi Othman, dan Pengerusi Gabungan Pertubuhan Tiong Hua Kelantan Lau Chit Fang sebagai moderator untuk sesi dialog dengan masyarakat Cina Kota Baharu.
Pemilik kad kredit itu telah mengajukan soalan kepada Lau secara bertulis dengan nama, kad pengenalan, nombor telefon dan alamat  diberikan kepada pihak polis tetapi maklumat itu dirahsiakan ketika Lau membaca soalan pengadu tersebut.
Lau berkata pengadu pemilik kad kredit tersebut telah memaklumkan kepadanya bahawa beliau telah membuat pembayaran cukai bandar di MPKB-BRI dan telah tertinggal kad kreditnya di pejabat majlis berkenaan.
"Beliau telah mengambil kad kreditnya semula dan sebulan kemudian pemilik kad itu melihat penyata bank dan mendapati kad kreditnya telah digunakan untuk membayar cukai bandar individu lain," katanya.
Beliau berkata pemilik itu telah bertemu dengan individu terbabit dan individu itu telah menunjukkan bahawa cukai bandarnya telah dibayar secara tunai dan bukannya melalui kad kredit.
Beliau berkata pemilik kad itu telah membuat laporan polis setelah mendapati kakitangan MPKB-BRI telah mengenakan caj ke atas kad kreditnya di atas cukai individu tersebut manakala wang tunai individu itu dipercayai telah diambilnya.
Dalam sesi dialog itu, polis turut memberi kesedaran kepada masyarakat agar mengambil tindakan mencegah daripada memberi peluang kepada penjenayah daripada melakukan jenayah.
Sesi itu bertujuan mengeratkan hubungan polis dengan masyarakat Cina sejajar dengan hasrat kerajaan memenuhi  Bidang Keberhasilan Utama Negara (NKRA) yang antaranya mengurangkan kadar jenayah di negara ini

Video Perbincangan Tertutup Bersama ABIM - Bukti Anwar Sesumpah.

Double Y : Sesumpah cakap selalu berubah..

Friday, May 6, 2011

Truth and Lies about MyEmail

by Idris Jala

Since the 1Malaysia Email (an e-Government Entry Point Project in the ETP roadmap and henceforth referred to by its URL i.e. MyEmail) project was announced, there has been considerable criticism, controversy and misunderstanding arising from incorrect and false reports and commentaries.

While we have provided the facts, there appears to be certain quarters who refuse to accept the truth, preferring to 'spin' the facts in order to propagate their false assertions and portray the project negatively.

Here, I will detail the MyEmail project comprehensively and transparently in the hope that the public will get an undistorted perspective of the matter.

What is MyEmail?: Rationale, Concept and Business Model

Every year, the Government and related public agencies send out millions of correspondences to the rakyat such as quit rent notices, reminders to renew licences, assessment bills, traffic summons, EPF and income tax statements, and so forth. The cost of distributing these correspondences runs into millions of ringgit, annually.

Typically, five steps are needed before a correspondence goes out: (1) information needs to be extracted from the database (2) the information is then put into the respective correspondence formats (3) the correspondence is then printed (4) the correspondence is put into an envelope; and (5) a stamp is affixed before it is posted.

The total average cost for this entire process is about RM1.00 per correspondence, including system, paper and ink, and labour. It is easy to assume that the only cost is postage and conveniently forget that there are four other cost components.

In one of the ETP labs conducted in 2010, which included key members from the private and public sectors, and non-government organisations, it was envisaged that by sending these correspondences via email, we will save a lot of money for the Government. Instead of spending RM1.00 per correspondence, we can save about 50 sen, or in other words, halve the correspondence cost.

The cost saving is derived from the free email delivery. The remaining cost of 50 sen goes towards extracting the information required from the database and presenting them in the respective formats. Most agencies do not possess this system, also known as digital bill presentment solution. These two (out of the original five) cost components are not accounted for in the argument on 'free' email transport by other providers, espoused by the detractors.

However, it is necessary to ensure high security because the information involves personal data. People want their personal information and data to be kept confidential and secure. Hence, a critical success factor is that the email facility must be highly secure. This requirement is met with the one-time authentication using finger prints with the National Registration Department to ensure confidential information reach only the intended recipients. 

It was also agreed in the lab that the project be driven and funded by the private sector so that the Government can enjoy the operational savings without even having to invest in the development expenditure. Hence, the idea was incorporated into the ETP roadmap to solicit private sector response.

Facilitated by MAMPU and GITN, proposals were received from five private companies. A competitive selection process was undertaken to ensure high technical standards and the right business model is adopted at the lowest cost and highest quality. The evaluation team selected Tricubes Berhad based on these criteria. 

Tricubes will invest 100 per cent of the capital expenditure (capex) and operating expenditure (opex) required for this project. The Government will spend nothing in terms of investment and operating cost to run MyEmail.
Instead of sending correspondences to the rakyat in physical form, the Government will be able to send these via email and save millions of ringgit. Hardcopy correspondences will still be sent to those who do not have access to the Internet.

 Nonetheless, the operational savings for the Government will still be substantial. Simulations on four Government agencies alone showed an estimated cost savings in the region of at least RM200 million over 10 years.

Regardless of whether the Government agencies use MyEmail or otherwise, money will be spent to send correspondences to the rakyat. If the agencies use MyEmail, it will be on commercial terms just like paying for any other service. Therefore, it is wrong to say that paying for the service rendered is tantamount to the government financing Tricubes.

This service will be made available and marketed by Tricubes to Federal and State Governments and all public agencies independently. It is strictly voluntary: none of these units are obliged or forced to use the MyEmail facility, regardless of the fact that it will help them save money.

As such, the assertion of concessions for Tricubes by all or various public agencies is absolutely baseless.

In addition, Tricubes can also market the same service to private entities, which will subject it to the full force of open competition. In fact, this model is similar to a credit card or online banking operator who has to market its services to potential merchants (both private and public sectors) and card holders or online users.

In these models, operators earn their keeps by charging merchants on each transaction while costing card holders or online users nothing in most cases.

As MyEmail is strictly voluntary, its success depends on Tricubes' ability to secure high percentage of people who accept it and register voluntarily.

Why do we need MyEmail and who benefits?

MyEmail offers a multitude of benefits to various parties:

The Government benefits because though it does not spend any money in terms of investment and cost to operate the system, it can save about 50 per cent of the current cost of sending correspondences. In 10 years, the project can save the four agencies used in the simulations at least RM200 million. If more agencies are convinced of the benefits of the service, the potential savings could be higher than RM200 million over the same 10 year period.

Despite having stated this fact, there are a small group of detractors who keep asserting without basis that this project is a waste of public funds. How can this be a waste of public money when not a single sen of public money is or will be spent, while a lot of public money can potentially be saved?

By investing up to RM50 million in a secure and efficient email system and value-added services over five years, Tricubes can generate revenue through service charges to the Government, its agencies and private sector clients as well as users of their value-added services. The plain email service is free.

While the Government will spend money for the services rendered by Tricubes similar to other services it uses, the amount spent will be significantly less than what it is current spending.

The rakyat benefits because they get a free MyEmail account which also allows effective and secure email communication between the Government and the individual rakyat. If they do not want MyEmail, there is no problem. This is strictly voluntary.

For those who decide to subscribe to this service, they will get their correspondences from the Government instantaneously and will not have to wait for normal mail. In addition, if the rakyat has any query, they can also use MyEmail, if they so choose, to communicate with various Government departments and agencies.

Apart from the Federal Government, all State Governments and public agencies could potentially benefit if they decide to use MyEmail.

It should be noted that State Governments under Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat may choose to use the MyEmail facility, if they are interested in saving public money. If they are not interested in saving 50 sen per correspondence by using MyEmail and instead prefer to spend RM1.00 per correspondence, then they are neither obliged nor forced to use MyEmail.


The majority of Malaysians are keen to know the facts so that they can form their own conclusions. However, regardless of the amount of information we provide on this issue, there will be a small minority that has already made up their minds. Even after we publish these facts, this small group will continue to reject the facts and find ways and means to distort the truth.

We hope that the information provided above, together with the accompanying summary of 10 important facts on MyEmail and Frequently Asked Questions, will help the largely silent majority better understand the context and rationale behind MyEmail and reject the misrepresentations spewed by the vocal minority.

Senator Dato' Sri Idris Jala is the Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and CEO of Performance Management & Delivery Unit (PEMANDU). 

Lies and truth about MyEmail

Lie #1:
The Government is investing RM50 million in this project.

Truth #1:
Tricubes Berhad, a private company, is investing 100 per cent of the RM50 million. 


There are a lot of false and misleading reports, articles and comments in the social media that the Government is undertaking the RM50 million investment for this project. These reports are totally incorrect.
This investment for this project comes entirely from Tricubes. The management of Tricubes has committed that they will initially invest RM5.3 million and subsequently over the years, increase the total investment to RM50 million.

The Government is not investing a single sen in MyEmail. This fact has been categorically confirmed by the Prime Minister, PEMANDU and Tricubes.

The onus is on Tricubes to secure the initial and total financing required, either through equity or debt, failing which the commercial failure is entirely theirs.

The people who are bent on portraying this project negatively continue to ignore the truth and refuse to make any correction, and continue to mislead the general public into believing that the Government is investing RM50 million in MyEmail.

Lie #2:
The Government is forcing people to be registered to use MyEmail.

Truth #2:
No one is forced to use it. The service is completely voluntary. People who want to use the service just have to register. If they do not want to use it, they need not register. It is that simple, nothing more than that.

Despite numerous clarifications about this fact, the purveyors of these lies continue to make their baseless assertions. One must wonder why they continue to spread these lies and what their motives are for doing so.  

Lie #3:
The Government will use MyEmail to contact the people as a mechanism to win votes.

Truth #3:
MyEmail is owned by Tricubes and not owned by the Government. It has nothing to do with communicating with the public to campaign and win votes.


As with any database (such as those owned by banks, telecommunication companies etc), all individual personal information and data is owned by the individual operators concerned. The use of such information can only be done with the prior agreement of individual operators concerned.
If this myth is to hold any water, then even Pakatan Rakyat state governments can use it a channel to propagate their messages as this service is similarly open to them. Clearly, this is a baseless assertion.   

Lie #4:
MyEmail is a waste of public money.

Truth #4:
MyEmail is not a waste of public funds as the Government will not spend even a single sen in terms of investment and operating cost to run the email system. On the other hand, it is estimated that the Government stands to save at least RM200 million over 10 years.

It is easy to assert that sending emails via other providers, sans the authentication process with the National Registration Department which may result in wrong recipients of confidential information, is free. These detractors choose to ignore there are still two out of the original five cost components that need to be accounted for, namely extracting the information required from the database and presenting them in the respective formats.

Lie #5:
MyEmail was 'awarded' to Tricubes to rescue a 'crony' company belonging to influential people connected with the Government.

Truth #5:
MyEmail was conceptualised as an Entry Point Project in an ETP lab. Tricubes was selected via a competitive process, conducted by MAMPU and GITN, and participated by four other parties.
If anyone has any evidence of fraud and corrupt practices, they should come forward with the evidence.

Lie #6:
MyEmail is the equivalent of a long-term concession to Tricubes.

Truth #6:
MyEmail is neither a concession nor a long-term commitment which binds the Government to use it for all its correspondences to the public. 

If there is any company that can come up with a better, cheaper and even more secure email service, the Government and public agencies are completely at liberty to use their services, instead of Tricubes. With such complete independence to choose, how can it be a concession?
10 important facts about MyEmail

MyEmail is part of E-Government programme

E-Government is the use of technology to enhance access to and delivery of government services to the rakyat and businesses

Read More... H.E.R.E

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Ladang Rakyat Alat Memperbodohkan Orang Kelantan?

Kod Akses (laporan EIA) kepada syarikat2 yang terlibat dengan projek Ladang Rakyat Kelantan

Di petik dari pisau.net

"Sebenarnya perkataan "Rakyat" ini adalah hanya untuk mengelabui mata masyarakat yang mereka berjiwa rakyat. Hakikatnya mereka mempergunakan perkataan"Rakyat" ini untuk kepentingan mereka dan kroni2 mereka sahaja.

Maklumat tentang ladang rakyat di negeri Kelantan.

Prospectus klik SINI projek grower scheme yang melibatkan kawasan seluas lebih 11,000 ekar dan laporan EIA merujuk kepada perkara ini. Syarikat yang terlibat sebenarnya banyak merangkumi kontraktor, sub-contractor dan beberapa syarikat proksi yang boleh dikaitkan terlibat dalam projek ladang rakyat yang bukan syarikat bumiputra malah bukan syarikat asal dari negeri Kelantan.

Syarikat utama yang menguruskan adalah Golden Palm Growers Bhd (dahulunya SPC Sawit Sdn Bhd) terletak di tingkat 25 menara UOA Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.

Mana2 individu/penduduk orang kampung yang menghuni dalam kawasan seluas lebih 11,000 ekar ini akan terlibat dan diusir bagi menbolehkan projek kelapa sawit. Syer hanya akan diberikan kepada kroni politik kerajaan Kelantan tetapi tidak kepada rakyat. Plot adalah dijual sebagai pelaburan dengan harga RM8,000 setiap plot berkeluasan suku ekar.

Setakat ini siapakah yang mampu membeli plot grower ini?...agak pasti 99% adalah orang luar drp Kelantan dan bukan bumiputra. (mungkin boleh diaudit).
 Hakikatnya "Projek Ladang Rakyat" ini adalah satu bentuk "PENIPUAN" kerajaan Islam PAS Kelantan kepada rakyat Malaysia.


Double Y : Dah lama dah tau....

Hiburan di Pagi Hari - Dikir Barat "Jahane Negeri Keranamu"

Salam 1 Malaysia...

Pagi-pagi ini sebelum ke Persidangan Ahli-Ahli Politik Asia ICAPP di PWTC, jom kita layan lagu dikir barat untuk rakan-rakan pembaca.

Jangan marah eik.. Nanti kena jual..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

TPM Merasmikan Persidangan Ahli-Ahli Politik Asia ICAPP di PWTC, Wakil Pembangkang Mana?

TPM Tan Sri Haji Muhyiddin Yassin Bergambar Bersama Deligasi ICAPP.
Petang tadi jam 5.00 petang, Timbalan Perdana Menteri YAB Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin merasmikan Persidangan Ahli-Ahli Politik Asia ICAPP di PWTC Kuala Lumpur.

Persidangan yang julung kali diadakan di Kuala Lumpur ini memfokuskan kerjasama di antara parti-parti politik Asia baik kerajaan mahu pun pembangkang dalam menguruskan setiap bencana alam serta bantuan kemanusiaan untuk negara-negara Asia.

TPM di iringi Dato Shahidan Kassim melawat booth pameran ICAPP

ICAPP yang dianggotai oleh 22 buah negara Asia ini selain memfokuskan kerjasama di antara parti-parti politik dari negara yang berbeza,  ICAPP turut mempromosikan budaya-budaya untuk setiap negara-negara di Asia.

Persidangan ICAPP turut melibatkan pameran oleh pelbagai agensi sukarelawan dari seluruh negara, dari Malaysia pasukan yang terlibat yang sempat saya perhatikan tadi adalah SMART, PBSM, MERCY Malaysia    serta banyak lagi pertubuhan sukarelawan yang lain.

Untuk pengetahuan pembaca, sebenarnya parti pembangkang juga perlu hadir dalam persidangan ini kerana itu merupakan syarat utama yang diletakkan oleh ICAPP namun apa yang saya perhatikan sebentar tadi, parti-parti politik pembangkang Malaysia tidak langsung menghantar wakil mereka untuk persidangan yang pertama kali diadakan ini.

Walhal ini merupakan satu medium untuk kita memperlihatkan kepada dunia luar bahawa perbezaan idelogi politik bukan penghalang untuk kita menjalinkan kerjasama yang erat jika negara kita atau negara-negara jiran ditimpa bala bencana.

Wakil pembangkang dijemput sama untuk turut sama berkongsi pandangan mereka dalam misi-misi kemanusiaan yang akan dan bakal dijalankan di masa akan datang. Namun saya hampa bila sepanjang berada di PWTC tiada satu kelibat manusia daripada wakil pembangkang kelihatan.

Sekarang dapatlah kita menilai parti mana yang sibuk berpolitik 24 jam sehinggakan perbincangan mengenai misi dan bantuan kemanusiaan  pun tiada wakil bagi pihak mereka.

Untuk yang tinggal di sekitar Kuala Lumpur, jom singgah ke PWTC lihat pameran-pameran serta bantuan yang pernah dijalankan oleh pasukan-pasukan sukarelawan Malaysia.

Double Y : Parti pembangkang di Malaysia nampaknya lebih sibuk menguruskan isu peribadi Anwar Ibrahim daripada menghadiri sidang ICAPP.

Forum Parti - Parti Politik di Asia ICAPP 4 - 7 Mei 2011.

Jam 5.00 Petang nanti saya akan ke Persidangan Parti-parti Politik Asia (ICAPP) yang untuk mengikuti perkembangan serta persidangan yang berlangsung di PWTC bermula 4 Mei sehingga 7 Mei ini.
Persidangan ini bakal melibatkan parti-parti politik di Asia sama ada kerajaan atau pun pembangkang.
Saya difahamkan di Malaysia persidangan ini julung kali diadakan dan individu yang memainkan peranan penting adalah Dato Seri Shahidan Kassim iaitu bekas Menteri Besar Perlis. Yang mana sekarang ini beliau merupakan penasihat NCER kepada YAB Perdana Menteri Dato Najib Tun Razak.

ICAPP dilancarkan di Manila pada September 2000.

Untuk yang masih tidak tahu apakah fungsi dan matlamat ICAPP berikut adalah ringkasan serta individu penting disebalik ICAPP :

The International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) is a forum of political parties of Asia-Oceanian countries, which was launched in Manila Philippines in September 2000. The objectives of the conference are to promote exchanges and cooperation between political parties from different countries in the area and with various ideologies; to enhance mutual understanding and trust among Asian countries; to promote Asia's regional cooperation through the unique role and channel of political parties; and to create an environment for sustained peace and shared propoperity in the region.

As of January 1, 2011, the Standing Committee of the ICAPP is composed of representatives of twenty (22) members from Australia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Russian Federation, Turkey, and Vietnam. Two (2) Co-Chairmen presides over the Standing Committee and represent the ICAPP during the period between the General Assemblies.

Co-Chairmen of the Standing Committee

1. Hon. Jose de VENECIA: Former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, and Co-Founder of LAKAS-CMD

2. Hon. CHUNG Eui-yong: Former Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee, Democratic Party (formerly United Democratic Party), Republic of Korea; Secretary General of the ICAPP Secretariat
Members of the Standing Committee (by alphabetical order of the name of country)

3. Hon. Shane L. STONE: Former Federal President of the Liberal Party of Australia

4. Hon. Ali Javad oglu AHMADOV: Deputy Chairman and Executive Secretary of New Azerbaijan Party, Azerbaijan

5. Hon. Dr. Salah Ali ABDULRAHMAN: Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives; Chair of the Advisory Body of Islamic National Menbar Society (Al-Menbar Islamic Society), Bahrain

6. Hon. SOK An: Deputy Prime Minister; Member of the Standing Committee of Cambodian People's Party and Minister in Charge of the Office of the Council of Ministers, Cambodia

7. Hon. KEO Puth Reasmey(*): Former Deputy Prime Minister; President of the Funcinpec Party, Cambodia

8. Hon. AI Ping: Vice Minister of the International Department, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

9. Hon. Karan SINGH: Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Indian National Congress, India

10. Hon. Hossein KASHEFI VAHDATI: President of the Iran Parties House, Iran

11. Hon. Theo L. SAMBUAGA: Vice President, Golkar Party, Republic of Indonesia

12. Hon. NISHIMURA Chinami: Member of the Diet; Director-General of the International Department, Democratic Party of Japan

13. Hon. TANAHASHI Yasufumi(*): Member of the Diet; Director-General of the International Department, Liberal Democratic Party of Japan

14. Hon. Nurlan NIGMATULIN: First Deputy Chairman of "Nur Otan" People's Democratic Party of the Republic of Kazakhstan

15. Hon. HWANG Jin-ha: Member of the National Assembly; Vice Chairman, Policy Committee, Grand National Party, Republic of Korea

16. Hon. OOH Che-chang(*): Member of the National Assembly; Chairman of Committee on Strengthening Party Organization, Democratic Party of Korea

17. Hon. Dato Seri Shahidan bin KASSIM: Special Adviser to the Prime Minister for the Northern Region Economic Growth, United Malays National Organization, Malaysia18. Hon. Madhav Kumar NEPAL: Prime Minister; Senior Leader of the Communist Party UML) of Nepal

19. Hon. Mushahid HUSSAIN SAYED: Secretary-General of the Pakistan Muslim League-Q, Pakistan

20. Hon. Konstatin KOSACHEV: Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma, Russia; Deputy Secretary for International Policy and Interparty Relations, Presidium of the General Council of the United Russia Party

21. Hon. Abdul kadir Emin ONEN: Member of the Parliament; Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Justice and Development Party, Turkey

22. Hon. Vuong Thua Phong: Vice Chairman of the Commission for External Relations of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Double Y : Selamat bersidang kepada semua parti-parti politik di Asia.. Welcome to Malaysia!!!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BN Kaji Keputusan PRN Sarawak

BN Sarawak akan membuat bedah siasat keputusan pilihan raya negeri 16 Mac lepas, kata Tan Sri Adenan Satem, Penasihat Khas Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud.
Beliau berkata semua wakil rakyat daripada BN akan juga menyediakan laporan kawasan masing-masing untuk mengenal pasti masalah-masalah yang dibangkitkan dalam kempen pilihan raya itu.
Laporan itu perlu disiapkan sebelum persidangan pertama Dewan Undangan Negeri pada Jun ini, katanya kepada pemberita di Kuching hari ini.
“BN akan membuat satu bedah siasat secara terperinci…di mana kita kalah dan di mana kita menang, isu yang dibangkit dan cara untuk mengatasi isu itu pada masa hadapan,” kata Adenan.
Beliau sebelum itu menghadiri mesyuarat BN yang dipengerusikan oleh Taib di ibu pejabat Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB). Ia dihadiri hampir kesemua ADUN daripada BN.
Adenan berkata mesyuarat turut membincangkan persiapan ADUN baru dalam BN dalam menghadapi persidangan dewan serta beberapa perkara yang perlu mereka ketengahkan pada persidangan itu nanti.
“Penjelasan tentang polisi kerajaan, pengurusan kerajaan, program serta beberapa lagi perkara juga diperjelaskan dalam mesyuarat hari ini,” katanya.
Ditanya sama ada rombakan kabinet dan bakal pengganti Taib sebagai Ketua Menteri turut dibincangkan, Adenan berkata : “Saya tidak mahu komen, perkara itu tidak pun dibincangkan.”
Pada pilihan raya negeri kali ini, BN menang 55 daripada 71 kerusi yang dipertandingkan.
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